Pedal steel guitarists produce a lot of instrumental music, but you won't find much of it at your local record store. Most steel albums are small, private label productions. Here is a partial list of recordings in our inventory. The list is sorted by the last name of the steel player. For more CDs, tapes and vinyl LPs, please visit our new web store at

Vocal albums with steel accompaniment are marked (v).

Collaborations (3 or more steelers) and collections are at the bottom of the page.

If the item number is underlined and/or blue, you can click on it for a full description of the product.

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Item # Steeler Title Format Price
CD-SA02C Susan Alcorn Curandera CD $15
CD-SA03A Susan Alcorn and I await the resurrection of the pedal steel guitar CD $15
CD-SA04T Susan Alcorn Touch This Moment CD $15
C-095 Rick Alexander Slydexic CD $14
C-096 Rick Alexander Songs From The Old Country (vocal) CD $14
CD-MA3 Maurice Anderson Steel With Brass CD $13
CD-TV01 Gary Brandin The Vanduras - In The Dark CD $14
CD-JB10B Jerry Brightman Back Again CD $14
CD-JB11B Jerry Brightman Back Again... to the Country CD $14
CD-CB02S The Campbell Brothers Sacred Steel On Tour! CD $15
CD-CB03C The Campbell Brothers Can You Feel It? CD $15
C-091 Frank Carter Frank Carter CD $14
C-093 James Chu Country Love CD $16
CD-JC02 Jim Cohen Four to the Bar CD $15
CD-JC10S Jimmie Crawford Steel Crazy CD $15
C-098 Pete Drake For Pete's Sake (18 songs from King masters) CD $15
C-063 Buddy Emmons Buddy Emmons "Live" (1977) CD $15
C-047 Amazing Grace Praise Band Let the Praise Begin CD $16
CD-JG01 Joe Goldmark The Goldmark Round-Up CD $13
CD-JG03 Joe Goldmark Stong Like Bull, Sensitive Like Squirrel CD $15
CD-JG06 Joe Goldmark Seducing The 60s CD $15
CD-OH01M Olli Haavisto Music For Bus Stops CD $15
CD-EH01M Ernie Hagar Man of Steel CD $16
C-JH01B Jimmy Hawton Blue Coral CD $10
A-086-CD Dave Hayward Behind Bars CD $12
CD-MH01 Mike Headrick Slanted CD $16
CD-MH02 Mike Headrick Steel Rails CD $16
CD-MH04 Mike Headrick Steels on Wheels CD $16
CD-MH05 Mike Headrick Old Hag CD $16
CD-MH06 Mike Headrick
w/Ralph Mooney
Wailin' CD $16
CD-SC01I Johan Jansen Introducing The Secret Combination (v) CD $10
CD-HJ01D Hugh Jeffreys Doctor of Steel CD $14
CD-DJ01J Doug Jernigan Jazz By Jernigan CD $15
CD-DJ02C Doug Jernigan Country Jazz Steel Guitar CD $15
CD-DJ03S Doug Jernigan Speed Pickin' and Country Ballads CD $15
CD-CA01T Bobby Lee The Country All Stars -
Tribute to Tradition (v)
CD $15
C-CL02 Chuck Lettes Swing Thang CD-R $10
C-045 Mike McGee All Loaded Up CD $15
CD-JM01M Joaquin Murphey Murph CD $16
C-053 Lucky Oceans Secret Steel CD $15
C-054 Lucky Oceans Lucky Steels the Wheel CD $15
CD-MP02 Michael Perlowin West Side Story CD $15
CD-MP03 Michael Perlowin Spanish Steel CD $15
C-RP01M Randy Pokeda Mixing It Up CD $15
A-139-CD Herb Remington Steelin' Dreams CD $12
C-082 Dewitt Scott St. Louis Blues CD $16
CD-BS09 Bobbe Seymour Rhythmatic CD $14
C-084 Mike Sweeney Psalm 144:9 CD $16
C-085 Mike Sweeney Pure & Simple Country CD $16
C-086 Mike Sweeney Fillin' Up the Dance Floor CD $16
C-087 Mike Sweeney Steelin' On Broadway CD $16
C-089 Mike Sweeney Odds & Ends CD $16
C-090 Mike Sweeney Heart Of Steel CD $16
C-056 Bob Taillefer y los Hermanos CD $16
C-DT02A Dale Thomas At The Dance (v) CD $15
CD-MW01S Mark Wayne Somedays CD $12
C-051 Elizabeth West Skippin' Along CD $15
C-094 Elizabeth West St. Louis Rain CD $15
A-181-CD Speedy West &
Jimmy Bryant
For the Last Time CD $12
C-076 Winnie Winston Misty Morn CD $18
CD-TW02C Terry Wood Christian Steel CD $15
CD-TW04S Terry Wood Steel Attack CD $15
C-083 Terry Wood Hawaiian Gospel Steel Guitar CD $15
CD-DT10S David Tunnell
with Terry Wood
Summer's Gone CD $14
CD-DW10D David Wright On the Bandstand CD $13
CD-DW11D David Wright On the Bandstand, Volume 2 CD $13
C-LZ01B Leonard T. Zinn Beautiful Isle of Somewhere CD $15
C-LZ02H Leonard T. Zinn Hawaiian Paradise CD $15
C-LZ03S Leonard T. Zinn Steelin' For My Savior CD $15
C-LZ05R Leonard T. Zinn Remembering The 101 Ranch Boys CD $15
CD-TP01E Dave Zirbel The Trailer Park Rangers - Everyone's a Winner (v) CD $15
CD-TR01R Auldridge, Heffernan & Rugg The Resocasters CD $17
CD-TB02F Bethel, Blevins, Brumley & Musgrave Four of a Kind CD $15
A-196-CD Biel, Hogan, Sommer & Tuxen United Steels of Europe - Divine Lines CD $12
A-198-CD Rifkin, Fried & Switzer Steelin' the Hits CD $12
Collections, Various Artists
VA-001 Canadian Northern Steel CD $16
VA-008 Canadian Northern Steel II CD $16
VA-002 Nashville Slide CD $14
C-097 Various Stars of the Steel Guitar (Starday reissue) CD $15
VA-003 Sacred Steelers Recorded LIVE at the Second Sacred Steel Convention CD $18
VA-006 Early Hawaiian Artists Slidin' On The Frets CD $18
VA-007 Masters of Sacred Steel None But The Righteous CD $16
C-075 Various Artists The Greats of Sacred Steel (includes "The Word" and "None But The Righteous") 2 CDs $18


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