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Amazing Grace Praise Band

In the Bible, Jubal is accredited as the first musician and inventor of the harp and organ (Genesis 4:21). Throughout the Old Testament scriptures, string instruments were used in temple worship by great musicians such as the Levites, Asap, and King David as sacred instruments of praise.

In keeping with that tradition, a New Testament church known as the Jewell Dominion Church of the Living God which began with Mother Tate, has adopted its version of Jubal’s original harp despite the many centuries of innovations. This anointed string instrument is known today as the Sacred Steel Guitar.

The Sacred Steel Guitar over the years has established itself as the lead instrument of praise and is believed by many in the Jewell and Keith Dominion churches to be a divine instrument of praise, anointed exclusively for temple worship.

Until recently this unique music had never been heard outside of the Jewell Dominion church services. The Lord seems to have chosen this generation to share this sacred music with the rest of the world coupled with the good news of the gospel.

"Glorious Triumph"

The Amazing Grace Praise Band includes 3 steel guitarists: Del Ray Grace Sr., Eric Russell and Yolanda Ramsey. They don't play all at once, though - each song on this CD features just one steel guitarist. A few of the songs also feature vocals and recitations.

This CD makes me want to grin and shout. The band has a bluesy, rocking feeling that is full of joy and life. The steel guitarists often improvise single string lines, using a wah pedal to invoke the quality of the human voice.

"Glorious Triumph" is an excellent introduction to the Sacred Steel style of playing for those who have never heard it before. And if, like me, you're already a Sacred Steel devotee, you will surely enjoy this CD's unpretentious delivery of the Word of God in music.


  1. Eric's Praise
  2. Jesus Is The Answer
  3. Jay's Jam
  4. Golden Bells
  5. Sing Till The Power
  6. The Last Supper
  7. Victory Praise
  8. Give Thanks
  9. Glorious Triumph
  10. Amazing Grace Remix
  11. Blessed Quietness Melody
  12. Day Of Rejoicing
  13. To Be Baptized 

Item #C-047

"Let the Praise Begin "

Producer Del Ray Grace Sr. takes the pedal steel chair for this entire CD, giving the set a more consistant overall tone than their Glorious Triumph debut. Sacred steel fans will really enjoy this CD. The Amazing Grace Praise Band takes the basic song forms of blues and injects them with a large amount of Christian joy.

This album is not entirely instrumental - some of the tracks feature gospel vocalist Tressa Boles and some include spoken word recitations. A few songs of the songs were recorded before a live congregation, conveying the real energy and excitement of live praise music. Del Ray Grace Sr.'s steel guitar is present throughout, soaring over the rhythm and leading the joyful Amazing Grace Praise Band.

  1. Taste of Grace
  2. State Line Praise
  3. Three Song Medley
  4. What Is This?
  5. Sacred sounds
  6. Jubilee Praise
  7. Sweet Jesus
  8. Old Ship of Zion - Part I
  9. Old Ship of Zion - Part II
  10. You Can't Hurry God
  11. I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
  12. Praise Steps
  13. Musician's prayer
  14. Joyful Noise  

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