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Bobbe Seymour  

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Item #CD-BS09


I wanted to create music to arouse your inner soul and evoke emotions and passions in a way that only the greatest music can do. I have always been one who loves great music no matter what handle they put on it jazz, rhythm & blues, country, rock, pop, swing or any other handle.

I decided to dissolve the artificial boundaries and and limitations which these labels impose and to simply follow my heart and make music the way I felt it so you may find it difficult to categorize what you hear on this album, but to me, the rhymathmic feel of these songs will move anyone who has a soul.

-Bobbe Seymour
  1. Tropicale
  2. Emerald Isle
  3. Serengeti
  4. Horns Of A Dilemma
  5. Flavor Of Love
  6. Rhythmatic
  7. Simone In Blue
  8. The Shark
  9. Moonlight In Manhattan
  10. Londonderry Delight
  11. Sultry Smooth
  12. Gaston Avenue
  13. Blue Journey
  14. Thunder Bay
  15. The Thief  

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