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Bobby Black  

Today, as in the past, Bobby Black's talent and tastes have led him in many musical directions. He is a player with skill and poise, who cut his musical teeth playing western swing.

When Rock & Roll usurped live music in the 1960s, the necessity of earning a living required him to join that rush. Later, when country music returned to vogue (a drought that younger players lack awareness of), Bobby was ready.

He fit right in with Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen, Asleep At The Wheel, New Riders Of The Purple Sage and Barbara Mandrell's Do-Rites. During that time (the '70s), Bobby spent most of his time on the road, as well as a lot of session work. In those years he was the person in charge of Artist & Repertoire for Pete Drake's recording studio in Nashville.

Ultimately returning to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area, he initially made San Jose's Cow Town nightclub his steady gig. But he was in constant demand, so freelanced and backed many touring artists. Today he can be spotted at about any special musical event in the San Francisco Bay area, performing with anyone who wants a player who can cut it all.

Few are aware of Bobby's strong interest in Hawaiian music, and he is quick to admit that Jerry Byrd has always been his idol. Bobby is one of a few players who can blend country and pop to create light jazz that is remarkably stylized and smooth. His versatility in any music venue makes his services constantly in demand.

Bobby Black's albums showcase a talent for flawless expression, striving for perfection in all his musical arrangements. There is no time to be bored when listening to Bobby's music, since his albums always reveal his talent for successfully entwining country, pop, and light rock, with the flair of a brilliant artist.

-Tom Bradshaw

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"The Steel Guitar of Bobby Black"

It's been decades since we've had a new album from California steel icon Bobby Black. I'm happy to report that this new release, produced by studio wizard John Rewind, was worth the wait. Bobby's bar glides effortlessly over lush, polished arrangements. The tunes are standards - not steel standards, real standards - that could have come from a book of "The World's Most Beautiful Music".

Bobby plays the C6th neck of his Carter D-10 on most of tracks (there's a bit of lap steel and Dobro), proving beyond a doubt that this this relatively new manufacturer does indeed make "world class steels". The tone is just awesome! Bobby picks his notes carefully, like his mentor Jerry Byrd, preferring a well-thought out melodic line to any off-the-cuff improvisation. My favorite is the beautiful "Ebb Tide", which is overdubbed as an unaccompanied steel duet. There's not a bad tune on the entire CD, though. Highly recommended!

  1. On The Beach At Waikiki
  2. Paradise
  3. Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)
  4. Ebb Tide
  5. Besama Mucho
  6. Shangri-La
  7. Quiet Village
  8. Santa Lucia
  9. Always
  10. Colours Of My Life
  11. Mambo #429
  12. Falling In Love With You / Lovely Hula Girl
  13. On a Little Street In Singapore

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The Black Brothers
"Pickin' In A Skull Orchard"

For over five decades, the Black Brothers have provided fine country entertainment to anyone who cared to listen. This album transports you back to a skull orchard called Dukes in Sunnyvale, California, where it was recorded on May 12, 1984.

At this point in time, Larry and Bobby were accompanied by two of the Bay Area's finest: Al Quaid on bass and vocals, and Bob Deavours on drums. Together the quartet entertained the dancers with hot western swing, Bakersfield-tinged honky tonk music and sensitive ballads.

The recording isn't quite state-of-the-art by today's standards, but the artistry of these great country musicians shines through the technical imperfections. This is some of the hottest C6th and some of the purtiest E9th I've ever heard from Bobby Black, and I've been following him around for long time!

  1. Right or Wrong 1
  2. The Kind of Love I Can't Forget 2
  3. C Jam Blues
  4. The Bottle Let Me Down 1
  5. For a Minute There 1
  6. My Window Faces the South 1
  7. Sleepwalk
  8. Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me 1
  9. You May See Me Walking 3
  10. The Fire I Can't Put Out 1
  11. Faded Love 1
  12. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
1Vocal by Al Quaid
2Vocal by Bobby Black
3Vocal by Larry Black

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Item #A-028-C

"Honky Cat"

In this 1980 collaboration with "one man band" Bob Berry, Bobby Black expanded the role of the pedal steel into the rock/pop genre. The making of the album is documented in issue #5 of Steel Guitarist Magazine

  1. Love in the Shadows
  2. Warm Ways
  3. Nothing Good Comes Easy
  4. Sailing to Paradise
  5. Honky Cat
  6. Angie Baby
  7. Make It With You
  8. Ten To Eight
  9. The Chosen One
  10. Philadelphia Freedom 

LP: Item #LP-114
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Item #A-027-C

"California Freedom"

"California Freedom" is Bobby Black's freedom. It is a revealing album of a brilliant, compelling and skillful steel guitarist who must be recognized as a sytlist in his own right. He selected his own material, chose his accompanying musicians, arranged the selections, and most importantly, set free his own musical soul. Relax now and listed to Bobby share his "freedom" with you...

-Tom Bradshaw
  1. Blue Bayou
  2. You've Made Me So Very Happy
  3. Baby, I'm A Want You
  4. Serenade In Blue
  5. I'll Be There
  6. Knuckle Bustin'
  7. Intermission Riff
  8. On And On
  9. Opus In Chartruese
  10. Hot Dusty Roads
  11. Stolen Moments
  12. Midnight At The Oasis
  13. The Black Brothers At Guitar Haven 

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