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Mike Headrick  

Mike Headrick, with his wife Teri, owns and operates Country Discovery Records, Mikron Recording, and Sand Mountain Music . Mike produces all the records on the Country Discovery label and plays pedal steel and various other instruments on most of them. Earlier in his career, he backed many of the country stars of the day. In 1976 he returned to his home community of South Pittsburg, Tennessee and established Tunesmith Music and Mikron Recording. In recent years, Mike has produced an astonishing selection of excellent pedal steel instrumental CDs, which we are pleased to include in this catalog.


Item #CD-MH01


Subtitled "10 Pedal Steel Guitar Instrumentals, E9th Tuning", this project features Mike Headrick playing his own country tunes on an Emmons SD-10. The production features classic country instrumentation with guitars, piano, bass, drums and twin fiddles. The steel is up front throughout. Mike's playing is flawless and his love for real country music really shows through. 

  1. Strong as Steel
  2. San Antonio Slant
  3. Tears On The Bar
  4. Swang Thang
  5. Wishing
  6. West Coast Turnaround
  7. Steel Of The Night
  8. Springtime In Austin
  9. When You Let Go Of Me
  10. Straight Up

Item #CD-MH02

"Steel Rails"

More of Mike's fine country playing. This CD is a bit more advanced than "Slanted", though it is still all E9th. It also includes great new arrangements of "America the Beautiful" and "The Star Spangled Banner". 

  1. Steel Rails
  2. Hearts of Palm
  3. Shuffle This
  4. Danny Boy
  5. Gallopin' Golashers
  6. America the Beautiful
  7. Over the Moon
  8. Cottage By the Lee
  9. Pride gets In the Way
  10. Lovely Teriese
  11. John's Coal Train
  12. The Star Spangled Banner


"Up To The Gills"

Mike and his band tackle 11 of Vince Gill's hits as steel guitar instrumentals. I like Vince, of course, but it's a real treat to hear these songs rendered with pedal steel as the lead voice. Mike is a fantastic player, and steel guitar legend John Hughey even sits on a few tunes for real pedal steel extravaganza.

  1. Kindly Keep It Country
  2. Don't Come Cryin' To Me
  3. Never Knew Lonely
  4. I'll Take Texas *
  5. Look At Us
  6. Take Your Memory With You
  7. No Future In The Past
  8. Liza Jane *
  9. Pocket Full Of Gold
  10. Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin'
  11. Go Rest High On That Mountain *
  12. * with guest John Hughey


"Steels on Wheels"

If you're like me, you probably think that the only thing wrong with The Flying Burrito Brothers was that there wasn't enough pedal steel. Well, Mike Headrick has finally fixed that. Here's a whole CD of Hillman/Parsons tunes done as instrumentals. Mike mixes the sound of his modern Zumsteel with the more authentic Fender 800 to keep the flavor of the original recordings. The backup band and production quality, like Mike's steel playing, is as good as I've ever heard. Put this in your car and drive it.

  1. Devil In Disguise
  2. Hickory Wind
  3. One Step Forward
  4. Juanita
  5. Glass Hearts
  6. Brass Buttons
  7. Desert Rose
  8. Sin City
  9. One Hundred Years From Now
  10. Hot Burrito #1
  11. Summer Wind
  12. Wheels
  13. I Still Believe In You Now
  14. Hot Burrito #2
  15. Start All Over Again 

Item #CD-MH05

"Old Hag"
with guest Ralph Mooney

This CD contains steel guitar versions of 12 of the most beautiful melodies Merle Haggard ever recorded. Mike felt the tribute would not be complete without an appearance of Ralph Mooney, who was a tremendous early influence on him. Ralph traded solos with Mike on three of the songs (marked with * below). On other tracks, Mike plays intos, fills, and turnarounds in the Mooney style on a vintage Fender steel, while playing the main melody lines on Zum and Emmons steels.

  1. Stay And Teach Me To Forget
  2. Lonliness Is Eating Me Alive
  3. Some Day When Things Are Good
  4. Big City
  5. High On A Hilltop
  6. Is This The Beginning Of The End?
  7. I Threw Away The Rose
  8. If We're Not Back In Love By Monday (*)
  9. My House Of Memories
  10. Let's Chase Each Other Around The Room (*)
  11. Mary's Mine
  12. Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink (*) 
  13. * guest appearance by Ralph Mooney



12 great Waylon Jennings songs played by Mike Headrick and the legendary Ralph Mooney. If you're a Waylon fan or even a steel guitar fan, you must know that Ralph was Waylon's steel player for a decade and a half, and played on Waylon's recordings. These songs are filled with Ralph Monney's style, even when Ralph is not playing. Mike plays Emmons and Zum in his own style, and also plays a Vintage Fender steel in Ralph's style on most of the songs. Sometimes you will hear Ralph play a phrase and then Mike will answer with a phrase played much like Moon would have played it in the 1960's. Fun, Fun, Fun!

  1. Rainy Day Woman*
  2. Cloudy Days
  3. I'll Go Back To Her*
  4. Lonesome, Orn'ty & Mean
  5. It'll Be Her
  6. Sweet Dream Woman*
  7. Dreaming My Dreams
  8. You Asked Me To*
  9. Good Hearted Woman
  10. Storms Never Last*
  11. Amanda
  12. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line  
* featuring Ralph Mooney

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