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Dave Zirbel  

Item #CD-TP01E

Trailer Park Rangers
"Everyone's a Winner"

Steeler Dave Zirbel is an integral part of this original folk-rock group from northern California. The songs are written and sung by David T. Carter, a transplanted Australian with a real knack for waltzes and other traditional grooves. The band includes steel, fiddle, upright bass and drums, making David's rhythm guitar the only "fixed pitch" instrument.

Dave Zirbel's classic Sho-Bud tone and inventive steel lines show that he was totally immersed in this project. I've seen this excellent band in concert, and the CD is the next best thing to catching their show. Dave's steel shines throughout, just like it does on stage. This one's a winner.  

  1. Everyone's A Winner In This Town
  2. The World's Lonliest Circus
  3. Front Row Souvenirs
  4. Aurellio Goncalves
  5. Shanghai Cowboy
  6. New York Fascination
  7. Ghost Train
  8. Trip to the Moon
  9. Night Rider
  10. The Nightwatchman
  11. The Ballad of Harry Black
  12. Eleanor Darby
  13. Repo Man
  14. Rosalee

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