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The albums on this page are all collaborations among multiple steel players. You won't find projects like this in most mainstream record outlets. They are unique to the steel guitar community.

Item #CD-TR01R

Mike Auldridge, Jim Heffernan and Hal Rugg
"The Resocasters

Three of the hottest acoustic steel guitarists in the world unite their talents in a tour de force of bluegrass and country swing. Recorded in 2002, this CD is sure to become a classic.  

  1. Rock Bottom
  2. Second Avenue
  3. Roly Poly
  4. Irish Spring
  5. Evangelina
  6. Charmaine
  7. Sugar Foot Rag
  8. I'll Rise Again
  9. Blue Yodel
  10. Last Call at Syzlak's
  11. Doin' the Charlton
  12. Girl From the Heights  

Item #A-192-C

Item #CD-TB02F

Roger Blevens, Dave Musgrave, Tom Brumley and Terry Bethel
"Four of a Kind"

From America's heartland, Branson, Missouri, comes this country instrumental CD by four of the city's top steel players. Terry Bethel produced this album with a top-notch Branson backup band. Each of the steel players is featured on two songs, and each takes a turn in the two "Four of a Kind" songs.

Non-pedal players will enjoy Tom Brumley's tribute to Jerry Byrd on Panhandle Rag, but there really isn't a bad track on this CD. It's great listening from start to finish.  

  1. Paper Cups - Terry Bethel
  2. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - Terry Bethel
  3. Harpers Thumb - Dave Musgrave
  4. In the Valley - Dave Musgrave
  5. Wild Side of Life - Four of a Kind
  6. Panhandle Rag - Tom Brumley
  7. The Waltz You Saved For Me - Tom Brumley
  8. Mud Hut - Roger Blevins
  9. Pedal Pickin' - Roger Blevins
  10. Love Me Tender - Four of a Kind

Item #C-006

"Steel Pickin' on Connie Smith"

Five of the hottest pickers in Nashville take turns playing instrumental versions of Connie Smith tunes. The icing on the cake is a guest appearance by the singer herself, singing her big hit "Once A Day".

Produced by steeler Russ Hicks, the CD also features Gregg Galbraith on lead guitar and Bob McCracken on drums. If you're looking for fine country steel, it just doesn't get any better than this!

  1. Ain't Had No Lovin' - Weldon Myrick
  2. Darlin' Are You Ever Coming Home - Russ Hicks
  3. Tiny Blue Transistor Radio - Mike Jones
  4. Then & Only Then - Jack Smith
  5. I'll Never Get Over Lovin' You - Johnny Cox
  6. I'll Come Running - Weldon Myrick
  7. The Hurtin's All Over - Russ Hicks
  8. I Can't Remember - Mike Jones
  9. If I Talk To Him - Jack Smith
  10. I Don't Know Why I Keep Loving You - Johnny Cox
  11. Cry, Cry, Cry - Weldon Myrick
  12. Nobody But A Fool - Russ Hicks
  13. Deepening Snow - Johnny Cox
  14. Once A Day - Connie Smith 

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