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Rick Alexander  

Rick Alexander

Our friend Rick was taken from us in May of 2009. Rick was an enthusiastic booster of the "unpedaled" steel guitar. He taught the instrument, produced instructional DVDs, performed in his home state of Florida, collaborated with Herb Remington, organized Hawaiian steel guitar sessions at steel guitar shows, and ultimately left us with these wonderful CDs of his music.

Item #C-095

Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander played all of the instruments and wrote most of the songs on this soulful 2008 CD. His own songs show a deep understanding of folk, country and blues music.

  1. *Lurking in the Shadows (vocal - Cathe St. John)
  2. *Fifty Years Ago
  3. *Fledgling
  4. *First Flight
  5. *Leaving The Nest
  6. *The Flock
  7. Lovely Hula Hands
  8. Beyond The Reef
  9. Along The Navajo Trail
  10. Man Of Constant Sorrow
* written by Rick Alexander

Item #C-096

"Songs From The Old Country"
Rick Alexander

We all knew that Rick was a great instrumentalist, but who knew that he could sing, too? Ricks love of and respect for country music shines brightly on this self-produced CD. Of course, there's plenty of steel too.

  1. Get Rhythm
  2. Cherokee Boogie
  3. Roly Poly
  4. Rockin' Rollin' Ocean
  5. Goin' Steady
  6. Ramblin' Man
  7. She's Gone Gone Gone
  8. You Better Move On
  9. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  10. Blue Blue Day
  11. Borrowed Angel
  12. Heartaches By The Number
  13. Roomful Of Roses
  14. The Wayward Wind
  15. He'll Have To Go
  16. You're The Reason
  17. Pass Me By
  18. Old Shep
  19. I Ain't Never
  20. Truck Drivin' Man  

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