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Chuck Lettes  


"Cool Blue Steel"

Chuck is probably best known for his arrangements in the PSGA newsletter and Steel Guitar World Magazine. He recorded this CD on various "frypan" lap steels. Chuck is a fan of Jerry Byrd, and the Byrd influence is felt throughout this very pretty CD. Most of the tunes are recognizable pop songs from the 50's and 60's. My personal favorite is California Dreamin'. 

  1. Sweetnin' (Tribute to Herb Remington)
  2. If I Fell
  3. The End of the World
  4. California Dreamin'
  5. True Love Ways
  6. Little Ricky
  7. Sleepwalk
  8. Rhythm of the Rain
  9. You Always Hurt the One You Love
  10. Let It Be
  11. You Belong To Me
  12. Samba Pa Ti


"Swing Thang"

Chuck's home recorded CD-R is better than a lot of studio production CDs. He plays pedal steel (both necks) as well as non-pedal and dobro. Chuck included a wide variety of songs for this recording project, as he believes that the steel guitar can bring out the melody of any tune.

"Swing Thang will turn you into a Chuck Lettes fan, just like me." - Bob Maickel, President, The Pedal Steel Guitar Association

  1. So Much In Love
  2. Ashokan Farewell
  3. Redwing
  4. Shenandoah
  5. Swing Thang
  6. Rose City Chimes
  7. Midnight Special
  8. Fron a Jack to a King
  9. Skylark
  10. What a Wonderful World
  11. You Don't Know Me
  12. Telstar
  13. The Water Is Wide


with Jim Stahlhut

This review is from the PSGA's Pedal Steel Newsletter, as written by Bob Maickel:

PSGA members know Chuck Lettes from his fine arrangements that are published in every issue of this newsletter. He is a very talented steel guitarist as is his buddy Jim Stahlhut who shares the spotlight, playing lead guitar on this new CD. Chuck and Jim journeyed all the way from Dever to Connecticut last year to be part of our 29th Annual PSGA Steel Celebration.

It was obvious that they really were very much together in their presentation. With that in mind, it's a pleasure to report that this album reflects their musical expertise and fine taste in arranging the music for lead and steel. At first it appears that something is missing. There is no bak up band. However, Jim plays some very nice background chords while Chuck solos and Chuck reciprocates on steel, while Jim solos on lead.

The album features mostly pop standards, big band and jazz favorites and two selections from other categories which include Charlie Norris's composition Shirley and Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven. ... What a great list of tunes!

This is an easy listening album which needs to be played several times to fully appreciate the artistry of these talented musicians.

  1. Stompin at the Savoy
  2. But Beautiful
  3. Satin Doll
  4. Wave
  5. Just the Way You Look Tonight
  6. Caravan
  7. Shirley
  8. Take the A Train
  9. Sunny
  10. Doxy
  11. Tears in Heaven 

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