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Jim Cohen  

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"Finally Here"

Jim Cohen is probably best known for his authentic western swing stylings with Beats Walkin' (or maybe for his 'acceptable' wisecracks on the Steel Guitar Forum), but this wonderfully smooth album of jazz and pop standards shows another side of Jim - a rich, modern sound with a musically creative edge.

Virtuoso keyboardist Dan Kleiman produced and arranged the CD, which is on our own Steel Guitar Forum Records label. Dan's near-perfect accompaniment and tight rhythm section provide a solid foundation for Jim's awesome technique on both C6th and E9th. Players from all over are raving about this CD, using words like "superb", "tasteful" and "excellent", but my favorite quote comes from classical steel maestro Mike Perlowin, who said:

"This CD is one of the best steel guitar recordings ever. With it, Jim has established himself as a major league talent, up there on the same level as all our Nashville based heros. (Of course anybody who has ever heard him play live already knows that.)

"As far as I'm concerned, this is the steel guitar album of the year. 5 stars."

'Nuff said!

  1. Desafinado
  2. Tara's Theme
  3. Secret Love
  4. Our Day Will Come
  5. Deep in a Dream
  6. Hot-Tikvah
  7. Someday Soon
  8. Java
  9. Finally Here

Item #CD-JC02

"Four to the Bar"

He's done it again! This is Jim's latest release, and it's his best yet. Here's what steel guitar icon Reece Anderson says about it:

"I enjoyed the recording from beginning to end, and I congratulate Jim for not only his exceptional ability as a player, but his very unique and personal playing style. Jim selected a few songs with very musically complicated melodic composition, and played each one flawlessly.

"His intonation was supurb as was evidenced also when other instruments, which are 'fixed pitch', were playing melody at the same time. The use of different instrumenation throughtout the recording continually provided a fresh approach to his interpretatation of each song.

"I applaud Jim for his willingness to push the musical envelope and for playing his music his way from the heart.

"AND....those who acquire Jims recording will get a kick out of seeing the picture on the CD itself, which to me says a lot about the man himself. When I finally recognized what it was, I'm sure those around me while stopped at a traffic light wondered why I was laughing so hard while in the car by myself.

"Congratulations Jim for a job well done."

  1. Tenor Madness
  2. Yardbird Suite
  3. Love Has No Pride
  4. Au Private
  5. Nights in White Satin
  6. Different Drum
  7. Icarus
  8. Cherokee
  9. Surfer Girl
  10. Four

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