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"Northern Steel"

Bob Taillefer produced this wonderful CD by some of Canada's top steel guitarists. Seventeen master players contributed tracks to the project, producing an astonishing variety of musical styles. There's not a bad track on this album!

  1. Lonesome 77203 - Bob Lucier
  2. Honky Tonk Night Time Man - Dale Rivard, Andy Schick
  3. Desperado - Steve Smith
  4. All My Loving - Al Brisco
  5. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - John Lacey
  6. Raisin' The Dickins - Rusty Walker
  7. Kindly Keep It Country - Doug Johnson
  8. Chasing Paul - Roy Thomson
  9. I'd Rather Have You Fat And Happy - Al Bragg
  10. Cry - Burke Carroll
  11. One Smokey Rose - Bob Taillefer
  12. Moonglow - Bob Wingrove
  13. Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Mike Holder
  14. PC Blues - Paul Cockburn, Doug Johnson, Steve Smith
  15. Hot Burrito #1 - Neil Flanz
  16. Freddie the Freeloader - Bob Taillefer
  17. Ghostbusters - Ed Ringwald (PeeWee Charles)
  18. Canadian Farewell - Roy Thomson

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Produced by the legendary Pete Drake in 1987, this is a collection of steel guitar instrumentals by some of Nashville's hottest players. The songs are all pop standards. Excellent arrangements and top notch steel playing ... Thank you, Mr. Drake!

  1. Tara's Theme - Lloyd Green
  2. Canadian Sunset - Weldon Myrick
  3. If - Jimmie Crawford
  4. Mack the Knife - Hal Rugg
  5. It's All In the Game - Bill West
  6. True Love - John Hughey
  7. Moon River - Doyle Grisham
  8. Blueberry Hill - Paul Franklin
  9. If I Didn't Care - Jeff Newman
  10. Sleepwalk - Larry Sasser
  11. Lady of Spain - Jimmie Crawford
  12. September Song - John Hughey
  13. Winchester Cathedral - Bill West
  14. Night Train - Jeff Newman
  15. My Blue Heaven - Doyle Grisham
  16. Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Hal Rugg
  17. Days Of Wine And Roses - Paul Franklin
  18. Mona Lisa - Lloyd Green
  19. As Time Goes By - Larry Sasser
  20. Sincerely - Weldon Myrick

Item #VA-003

"recorded LIVE at the second
Sacred Steel Convention"

For those who attended in 2002, I'm sure it was an event they'll always remember. For the rest of us this CD will have to suffice. Packed full of rockin' spiritual energy, this collection is a great introduction to the Sacred Steel movement. It features most of the best SS players in the world, playing for an enthusiastic crowd. Note that while several of the songs include vocals, only the steel players are listed below.

  1. Where Could I Go But To The Lord - The Campbell Brothers
  2. Sign of the Judgement - Marcus Randolph
  3. You've Got To Move - Robert Randolph
  4. Then Comes Joy - Elton Noble
  5. I'll Just Wave My Hand - Calvin Cooke
  6. What He's Done For Me - Lonnie "Big Ben" Bennett
  7. Amazing Grace - Dan Tyack and Chuck Campbell
  8. Praise the Lord Everybody - Dante Harmon
  9. If I Couldn't Say A Word - Lamar Nelson
  10. Footie's Medley - Reggie "Footie" Covington
  11. In The Morning When I Rise - Darryl Blue
  12. I Need Thee - Rayfield "Ray Ray" Holloman
  13. What Is This? - Lisa Lang
  14. God Wants Your Soul To Be Holy - Bryan "Josh" Taylor

Item #VA-005

"Secular Steel"

On this avant guarde collection, 16 different steel guitarists explore the outer reaches of the instrument.


  1. Eagle Rockers - Nels Cline
  2. Star's Fell On Al's Banana - Lucky Oceans
  3. Ahoy Sonny! - Henry Kaiser
  4. Postcard From X - Stephen Ulrich
  5. Leslie the Alien - BJ Cole
  6. East By Southwest - Andy Marshall
  7. Slow Lights Extract - Mike Cooper
  8. Twin Beams - Susan Alcorn
  9. Orion On the Horizon - Roger Kleier
  10. Mallophaga Squared - David Toop
  11. Riding the Pherobot Swarm - Elliott Sharp
  12. Lord Don't Fix No Highways - Eugene Chadborne
  13. The Coffee Grind - Joe Goldmark
  14. I Remember - Bob Hoffnar
  15. Waveland - Bruce Kaphan
  16. Steel Guitar Moan - Mark Dogley 

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"Northern Steel II "

Another Bob Taillefer production, this is the 2007 followup to the ever-popular Northern Steel CD. 20 tracks by Canada's best steel guitarists. The steel guitar brands used are listed in the credits, for those of us who enjoy trying to differentiate between the tones. Music made by steel players for steel players!

  1. Don't Fence Me In - Andy Schick
  2. Roly Poly - Ron Halldorson
  3. Until the River Runs Dry - Jeff Bradshaw
  4. St. Anne's Reel/Liberty two Step - Don McKown
  5. I Overlooked an Orchid - Doug Johnson
  6. Straight Ahead - Mario Desrosiers
  7. Send Me the Pillow - Bob Lucier
  8. Handgliding - John Lacey
  9. Mystery Train - Bob Taillefer
  10. Tenampa - Rick Haworth
  11. Window Shopping - Don Helms
  12. Something To Talk About - Al Brisco
  13. Candy Kisses - Steve Smith
  14. T & R Blues - Bob Taillifer
  15. Because of You - Al Bragg
  16. No Time - Bob Taillefer
  17. Blade Steel - Daniel Lanois
  18. Mr. Ghost Goes To Town - Bob Taillefer
  19. Moonglow - Ollie Strong
  20. Harbor Lights - Paul Evans  

Item #C-097

"Stars of the Steel Guitar"

The original Starday LP of this was my first steel guitar record. I was amazed at all of the different styles that performers had back then - you could instantly identify a player by his tone and phrasing. Everyone had their own special tuning and copedent to get their own sound.

I have every track from this CD in rotation on my iPod. Many of the players have passed away, but I still love listening to them. They just don't make instrumental records like this anymore. 

  1. Abilene - Pete Drake
  2. Sunday in Dixie - Buddy Emmons
  3. Road Stomp - Jimmy Day
  4. Columbus Stockade - Leon McAuliff
  5. Rancher's Stomp - Jimmy Day
  6. Honolulu Nights - "Little" Roy Wiggins
  7. Gear Shiftin' - Walter Haynes
  8. Pedal Jumpin' - Pete Drake
  9. Fort Worth Drag - Shot Jackson
  10. I'll Leave The Front Door Open - Ralph Mooney w/ Johnny & Jonie Mosby
  11. Hilo Steel Guitar - Jerry Byrd
  12. High Boots - Walter Haynes
  13. Penguin Strut - Pete Drake
  14. Twistin' The Steel - Cecil Campbell

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