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BJ Cole  

Steel guitarist BJ Cole has been a first call studio musician in England since the mid 1970's. His recording credits read like a "Who's Who" of English rock music. Not content to rest on those laurels, BJ has produced several albums as an independent artist, expressing his vision of the pedal steel as a modern electronic musical instrument without limits.


Item #C-031

"Trouble In Paradise"

Funky grooves from a variety of artists lay the foundation for BJ's steel in this exotic electronica excursion. BJ is not at all shy about using effects or controlling a MIDI synth with his pedal steel when he needs another sound. He conceived, produced and arranged the entire project, giving the album a cohesion that's rare on albums with multiple artists.

I don't usually listen to dance music, but having BJ's world class steel parts in the foreground makes all the difference. This 2004 release points a new direction for adventurous steel guitarists all over the world.

  1. Trouble In Paradise (with Trash Palace)
  2. The Interloper (with Fluid)
  3. Are You Ready For Some Country (with Alabama 3)
  4. Alert The Sax Police (with Bent)
  5. Casino Tan (with Isobel Waidner & Geoff McIntire)
  6. Beautiful (with Groove Armada)
  7. Keep Your Head (with Banknote Rajah)
  8. Milkshake Roadmap (with Guy Jackson)
  9. Downtown Motel Blues (with Neil Conti)
  10. East Of Eden (with Kumo)
  11. Surf Acid Hoedown (with Luke Vibert)
  12. Elle Sait Ou Elle Va (with Laura B

Item #C-032

"The Heart Of The Moment"

"Atmospheric chamber music" is the best description I can think of for this beautiful album. It's a collaboration between BJ, keyboard wizard Guy Jackson and recording producer Nick Griffiths. Accompaniment is provided by Ben Davies on cello and several other classical musicians as required on the various tracks.

"Mellow, but not boring" - these pieces move slowly through the kind of harmonic sophistication that is usually reserved for string quartets and the like. The tonal colors of BJ's pedal steel (and his flawless technique!) take his classical music ideas into a whole new realm.

  1. In at the Deep End (Titanic Elegy)*
  2. Icarus Enigma*
  3. Eastern Cool*
  4. Indian Willow**
  5. Three Piece Suite**
  6. The Sands of Time*
  7. Promenade & Arabesque*
  8. The Kraken Wakes*
  9. Forever Amber**
  10. Adagio in Blue*
  11. * written by BJ Cole and Guy Jackson
    ** written by BJ Cole

Item #C-050

"Transparent Music "

BJ Cole has finally re-released his landmark 1988 album, "Transparent Music". Long out of print, this CD contains pedal steel arrangements of some of my favorite classical melodies, interspersed with original music by Cole and his collaborator, Guy Jackson. The music is dreamy, atmospheric, and quite beautiful. I'm really happy to see that it's available once more, and to be able to offer it here on the Forum.

  1. Clair de Lune (Debussy)  
  2. Window on the Deep (Cole/Jackson)
  3. Pavane pour une Enfante Defunt (Ravel)
  4. Slight Rhapsody (Cole/Jackson)
  5. Gnossienne No. 5 (Satie)
  6. Ely Cathedral (Cole/Jackson)
  7. Suntear Serenade (BJ Cole)
  8. Gnossienne No. 3 (Satie)
  9. The Coventry Carol (trad arr. BJ Cole)

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