Buddy Emmons

Sorry, Buddy's steel guitar courses are longer being published.


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"Cold Rolled Steel " (C6th)
"Lily Dale" (E9th)
"La Golondrina" (E9th)

These tunes were tabbed by Fred Layman from Buddy's Album, Steel Guitar Jazz In Four Wheel Drive. You always loved "Lily Dale" and you remember "La Golondrina" from when you were a kid. What is this "Cold Rolled Steel?" Sounds interesting. You bet; all three are! They won't be easy, but will hold your interest so firm that you will be playing them before you know it. You've been thinking of getting Buddy's classic double album (A-056) for a long time. What better excuse than learning these great tunes? Twenty-six songs are on that album. That sounds like something you should have had years ago. You say, "O.K., I'll try the album and decide on those tunes after I get it." Bet I know what your decision will be.


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