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Hi. I'm Bobby Lee, creator of The Steel Guitar Forum.

When I started the Forum as a hobby in December of 1996, I never thought that it would grow so big, so fast. In two explosive years it reached the point where I could no longer afford to support it on my own. To keep it going, I turned the Forum into a "dot com" mail order business, selling music CDs and pedal steel guitar strings.

Since then, this little online catalog has grown quite a bit. As orders came in, I kept adding new products, and the Forum gradually became self-sufficient. Donations from appreciative Forum members helped a lot, too!

Then, in 2003, steel guitar entrepeneur Tom Bradshaw donated his entire Pedal Steel Guitar Products inventory to the Forum. As a result of Tom's generosity, we now have one of the largest selections of steel guitar merchandise on the Internet. Many of the items for sale here are not available anywhere else in the world!

Use the buttons in the left margin to find your way through the catalog. Jot down the item numbers of the things you want, then click the "Ordering" button and follow the simple instructions there.

Thanks for shopping at The Steel Guitar Forum.

-Bobby Lee (-b0b-)

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