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Stu Basore  

Too long has Stu's name failed to be in print. His association with dozens of country music idols is remarkable in its breadth. Stu began steeling at age 11. Like so many others, he was a student of the Oahu music system. He took to the instrument so quickly that he won first place in a music concert at age 13, getting a newer lap steel! From then until this day, the steel has been a driving force in his life. "I was an Air Force brat," he recalls, "accompanying Dad around the world."

Once of age, Stu continued traveling, finding work wherever his steel was needed. In the process he became a sought-after session and concert sideman, performing with such notables as Thumbs Carlisle, Tex Ritter, Kitty Wells, George Hamilton IV, Jim & Jessie, Connie Smith, Marie Osmond, as well as one year with Ray Price. There were many other notables with whom he performed, but he was drawn to Nashville and the lucrative session work there. He recorded on the albums of many stars, plus the recording of "jingles" and movie soundtracks (C.W. Coop, W.W. & The Dixie Dance Kings, and Nashville). Television followed, and Stu made many appearances on the Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton shows, as well as recording on many of their albums.

With this abbreviated background of credits, there should be no doubt that Stu is an accomplished player, long overdue for the recognition he earned the right way--with talent, determination, and hard work! I'll admit, for years I never knew of Stu or was aware that he was the one I enjoyed hearing on so many albums and movie soundtracks. I often wondered who was playing on Louis Armstrong's country album, but never found out until now! With his own three albums, he "comes to life" as the remarkable player he has been all along, with too few of us being aware of his existence. Stu chose to emphasize gospel music in his instrumental recordings here. Not only is his playing impressive, but the way he makes every string on his steel stand out, is truly amazing.

-Tom Bradshaw

[All of Stu's albums share billing with the excellent lead guitarist, Wayne Smith.]

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"Old Friends Play Old Time Gospel"
Stu Basore and Wayne Smith

Right off, Stu plays the upbeat tune, "Somebody Believed," a la Emmons. He prefers to adhere to no bounds in his interpretation of gospel music, making it impossible to stereotype his sound. Then with the next tune, you feel you have had the church pastor suspend the sermon for an instrumental interlude given by a touring gospel band. That was so good, he then asks Stu to play another, then another. The "Power In The Blood" could be subtitled, "Power In The Steel." Rarely have I heard a steel played with this kind of drive, and not with gospel music! This is just super playing by a super picker.

-Tom Bradshaw

  1. Somebody Believed
  2. Good-bye World Good-bye
  3. In The Garden
  4. Power In The Blood
  5. Who Am I
  6. I'll Fly Away
  7. Heaven Came Down
  8. Something Bout that Name
  9. Unclouded Day
  10. The Lighthouse 

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"Way Up On A Mountain"
Stu Basore and Wayne Smith

Gospel music includes everything from danceable tunes to soul. And Stu, with his guitarist friend, Wayne Smith, provide selections that prove it! One tune, "He Looked Beyond My Faults," replicates "Danny Boy" in every note played. If your gospel music preferences run from revival-type tunes to selections that elicit spiritual peace, this is the album for you. But brace yourself for steel licks you heard Stu play (but didn't know it) on many country albums that bore the name of a major country vocalist! 

-Tom Bradshaw

  1. Way Up On A Mountain
  2. He Looked Beyond My Faults
  3. Room At The Cross
  4. When They Ring The Golden Bells
  5. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  6. Leavin' On My Mind
  7. Sweet Sweat Spirit
  8. When he Was On The Cross  

Item #A-024-C

"From Nashville To Dallas"
Stu Basore and Wayne Smith

Just half the selections on this album are gospel. The other half mixes tunes that alternate between driving instrumentalsóone even being a hoe-downóand sensitive ballads. This mixture of contrasting music idioms seems contradictory. It is a credit to Stu that be brings everything off with his listeners concluding, "This guy can play anything!"

-Tom Bradshaw

  1. I Can Hear Kentucky Calling Me
  2. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
  3. A String Of Pearls
  4. Count Your Blessings
  5. Echo Lake
  6. Because He Lives
  7. Stu's Blues
  8. What Can He Do
  9. Sit Down And Slide
  10. He Is Lord
  11. Jesus Be Lord Of All
  12. It Is No Secret 

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