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Robby Turner  

Item #A-168-C

"Man of Steel"

Robby Turner pulled out all the stops when he recorded this CD in 1996. The sidemen are handpicked from Nashville's "A" team, and famous singers fill the spaces between Robby's hot licks on four of the cuts. This is one of my favorite CDs, one that I play for friends when they stop by. The production is first rate, and Robby is one of the best steel players in the world. What more could we ask for? 


  1. Twin Guitar Special
  2. Lonely Street
  3. Honky Tonk Struttin'
  4. Night Life (v)
  5. Dixie Steel Guitar
  6. Lost in the Feeling
  7. Women from Memphis (v)
  8. Sleepwalk
  9. What a Way to Live
  10. I Fall To Pieces
  11. Steel Guitar Rag (v)
  12. I'm Not Lisa (v)
  13. Love Is...
  14. Misty
  15. Flying "W"
  (v) = includes vocal


"Steel Country"

More excellent pedal steel from one of Nashville's greatest pickers. Robby recorded, mixed, and mastered this set of perennial steel guitar favorites at his own studio, Turner-Up Recording. 

  1. Blues for Dixie
  2. I Just Destroyed the World
  3. Secret Love
  4. Healing Hands of Time
  5. Storms Never Last
  6. Don't You Ever Get Tired
  7. Blame It on the Steel
  8. Let It Rain
  9. Touch My Heart
  10. Roly Poly
  11. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  12. Someone to Give My Love To
  13. Dreaming My Dreams
  14. Rocky Top


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