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Herb Steiner  

Herb Steiner is one of the best-known western swing steel players in the world. He's also a top-notch instructor.

Note: Herb's CDs and courses have all been moved to our new web store,

"Texas Dance Time"

No wonder Herb's smiling - just look at that songlist! This is authentic instru­mental western swing at its finest. A true master of the style, Herb tapped the talents of Dave Biller, Floyd Domino, Howard Kalish and a top-notch Austin rhythm section for this project.

I always knew that Herb was a hot swing player, but the soul and sensitivity of his improvisations really caught me off guard. What artistry! This CD is a "must have" for all western swing fans. 

  1. Johnson Rag
  2. Perdido
  3. Boot Heel Drag
  4. Rose Room
  5. Skater's Waltz
  6. 'Deed I Do
  7. Tippin' In
  8. Blue Bonnet Rag
  9. I Gotta Have My Baby Back
  10. Rosetta
  11. Steelin' Home
  12. Curtain Call 

Tab and Rhythm Tracks for this album are also available.


"Texas Bandstand Favorites"

Herb's first classic western swing album was recently reissued on CD. Excellent playing! 

  1. All of Me
  2. When I Fall In Love
  3. Westphalia Waltz
  4. Liberty Drive
  5. My Bluest Day
  6. Take the 'A' Train
  7. A Thing Called Sadness
  8. September In the Rain
  9. Panhandle Rag
  10. Deep Water 

"Rancho Rhythm Roundup"

Authentic Western Swing is still alive and well in Austin, Texas! This 2002 release from Herb Steiner is packed full of classic C6th stylings and perfect push-pull tone. True to the genre, there are plenty of twin guitar and twin fiddle ensemble parts, but the steel is the featured instrument on all of the tunes. The arrangements and steel heads are like text-book lessons in Western Swing.

Herb's Retrobillies are among the best Western Swing players in the world. They are: Rick McRae on guitar, Howard Kalish on fiddles, Terry Hale on bass, Floyd Domino on piano and Lisa Pankratz on drums. These players are note-perfect on the ensemble parts, but also can come up with swinging solos on demand. Herb's playing is up to the challenge of this first-rate band as he takes improvisational rides of his own in many of the songs. His phrasing and touch demonstrate a complete understanding and sensitivity to the western style of playing. I think this is Herb Steiner's best effort to date.

  1. Rancho Boogie
  2. Coconut Grove
  3. Joaquin Special
  4. On The Alamo
  5. Little Coquette
  6. Blue Skirt Waltz
  7. Tennessee Stomp
  8. South
  9. Steel Guitar Jubilee
  10. Pennies From Heaven
  11. Tuxedo Junction
  12. Steel Guitar Rag 

Tab and Rhythm Tracks for this album are also available.

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